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Social media was once thought of as a trend that would soon fade as quickly as it came but a decade later and we see sites like MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter are flourishing.  MySpace began as a networking site for friends but due to Facebook’s popularity and massive market share, has become more of a platform for recording artists to share music.  Facebook, which started out as a way for friend’s to share photos and information, is now also a way for companies to market new products, support customer issues, and connect customers with other customers.

Not only are these sites still around, but new jobs and careers have been created as a result of the need to communicate to current and potential customers.  Most companies have hired positions to reach out into the social networks, such as Social Media Experts, like Anna Woodlock at Texas Tech University.  Ms. Woodlock was the first person to implement the use of social media at University College and Texas Tech University Independent School District (TTUISD).  In her implementation of social media, Ms. Woodlock reaches out to current and potential students to offer encouragement, support and information.  University College and TTUISD are two of the first organizations to use RightNow’s application for Facebook as a way to track and respond to customer questions.

Most companies today incorporate their Twitter and Facebook pages into their main website.  The “Follow us on Twitter” blue bird and the Facebook “Like” button or “Share” button can be found on most web sites.  You may be thinking, “Great, another thing our web programmer has to build.”  In reality, Facebook and Twitter provide APIs which you or your company can use to quickly implement your Facebook and Twitter into your web site.  For more information on implementing social media into your web site, please check out my sample page.

Social media is here to stay.  It’s a dynamic and ever-evolving way to communicate with your users, customers, friends or family.

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