Recover Deleted Files

Recovering files from hard drives, USB drives, floppy disks and other mediums can be a costly service to pay for.  For businesses, depending on the amount of data needing to be recovered, it can cost anywhere from a hundred to several thousand dollars.

For smaller jobs, there is free software which will allow you to scan drives and recover deleted files.  There is a limit to what data can be retrieved but for the most part, a program like Recuva can do a quick scan, recover your document, and reduce your stress level.  Recuva is made by Piriform Ltd. and is a highly recommended tool by PCWorld.

  1. To get started, download Recuva.
  2. Read the quick start guide on Recuva’s website.
  3. Let me know how it worked for you!

Depending on the nature of the data loss on the hard drive or storage medium, recovering the data may not be possible.  Unintentional data loss can be a symptom of data storage failure.  It is usually cheaper to replace the failing hardware than it is to recover from a disaster.  A 2TB hard drive can be bought from Dell for less than $100.  Most importantly, do regular backups.

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